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Banshee Blaster Warrior 300EX 400EX TRX250R LT250R LTZ400 and Raptor Parts


Part # 1149
Ratio Rite Mixing Cup Easy To Use Measured In cc, oz,and pints


Part # 3078
2 gallons fuel tanks

Power Valve Formula. H1R's advanced synthetic technology delivers unsurpassed performance for all racing engines. H1R gives maximum film strength and anti–scuff protection for pistons, rings and cylinders, and unsurpassed load carrying ability to protect high revving crankshafts. Clean burning formula minimizes deposits in combustion chambers and power valves. Pre-mix only.
0.379ml Part # 661 $3.99
1 Liter Part # 652 $8.99

Uniquely formulated for total combustion, Bel-Ray S2 2-Stroke Oil will minimize smoke, spark plug fouling and gum and varnish build-up which typically cause ring sticking, a major factor in engine failure and power loss. Even older engines will benefit as existing varnish and gum deposits are eliminated for smoother, long lasting and more powerful performance.
1 liter Part # 664

Bel-Ray EXL features the highest quality base oils and exclusive Bel-Ray additive chemistry to provide excellent wear protection for all engines, transmissions and clutch components. Bel-Ray EXL reduces engine deposits and improves efficiency. EXL's exceptional shear resistance means it won't break down in transmissions and high revving engines.
10w-40 1 liter Part # 666
20w-50 1 liter Part # 665

Gear Saver Hypoid Gear Oil features special base oils and Bel-Ray's exclusive Extreme Pressure chemistry to give unsurpassed protection for heavily loaded transmissions and final drive units, including limited-slip differentials.
80w-90 1 liter Part #2812

Bel–Ray Super DOT 4 Brake Fluid is specially formulated to exceed all DOT 3 and DOT 4 specifications for superior brake performance. It has outstanding wet and dry boiling points for consistent and fade–free braking. Bel–Ray Silicone Dot 5 Brake Fluid meets the DOT’s highest brake fluid specifications. It does not absorb water, and has an extremely high boiling point to fight fade. It does not affect painted or plastic surfaces.
12 oz dot4 Part # 1943

Bel–Ray's exclusive Molyphos additive provides superior wear protection for all O–ring, competition and standard chains.
7oz Part # 662

Bel–Ray Waterproof Grease provides maximum lubrication and corrosion resistance for wheel bearings, bushing and chassis lubrication points. It is completely waterproof, even in salt water.
16oz tub Part # 1258

Castrol TTS is a smokeless full synthetic 2–stroke engine oil designed to maintain a tough, replenishing layer of protection on critical engine parts. It reacts to changes in engine operating temperature, which frequently occur in high powered 2–stroke engines, releasing extra power as needed. It delivers unbeatable protection against thermal and mechanical breakdown. Designed for both oil injection and pre–mix applications.
1/2 liter Part # 2022

Castrol Act-Evo4 is a premium quality, synthetic based 4–stroke motorcycle engine oil. Its Active Protection Molecules cling to the engine and transmission parts, leaving a protective film that is active in any condition. Castrol Act-Evo4 gives continuous protection during start up and warm up when other oils are not fully effective.
10w-40 1 liter Part # 1579
20w-50 1 liter Part # 1767

Designed for the serious racer, Goldfire PRO stops plug fouling and provides clean burning operation for no carbon build–up
1/2 liter Part # 669 $5.50
1 liter Part #
1687 $7.99

927 is a unique blend of highly refined castor oil, a specially prepared synthetic and an additive system that essentially eliminates carbon and gum formation and provides rust and corrosion protection. Biodegradable
$4.99 16oz Part # 663
$9.99 1 liter Part #

Engine Ice

Hi-Performance Coolant is biodegradable, phosphate free & non-toxic; while reducing operating race temperatures by as much as 50°F and effectively keeping boil over temperatures to 256 °F or less and freeze-up protection to -27° F.
Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant is premixed with de-ionized water to protect your water cooling system from scarring, scaling and to effectively provide "prolonged optimum operating temperatures." "Right out of the bottle" Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant is "ecologically safer" than regular coolants for wildlife and the environment. What's even more amazing is that it works far better than most any other engine coolant on the market. Because of Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant's non-toxic phosphate-free formula, it's even safer for people and pets too!
1/2 Gallon Part # 3139







SAT  10-4PM

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