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Banshee Blaster Warrior 300EX 400EX TRX250R LT250R LTZ400 and Raptor Parts


Renthal Off-Road Handlebars are
manufactured from aluminum alloy,
exclusively developed for the
manufacture of Renthal handlebars
which withstand the rigors of Motocross
and Supercross racing. Renthal
Off-Road Handlebars are used and
endorsed by Tema Honda's Kevin
Windham, Ezra Lusk and Sebastien Tortelli.

Renthal's revolutionary double-tube
TwinWall construction makes fatigue
failure virtually impossible. The end
result is maximum strength achieved
for the interior tube, thus producing
the strongest and safest handlebar
available. Renthal TwinWall
Handlebars are used and endorsed by
Team Kawasaki, Team Chaparral,
Team Splitfire/Pro Circuit and Team
Yamaha Of Troy.

O'Neal Double Cross Bars
A radical advance in Aluminum technology make the Double Cross(R) Bar the strongest bar ever created. Constructed
of Cold Forged 2014 T-86 Aluminum, the Double Cross(R) Bar utilizes patented double wall technology to offer the
ultimate ride with less fatigue. This unique design allows for greater shock absorption and less vibration transfer to
the rider.


Patented Taperwall design make the
Pro Taper handlebar 45% stronger
and 35% lighter than conventional
bars. Manufactured from Easton EA70
program tubing.

ATV Pro Design Kill Switch
The #1 quality ATV kill switch. Used by
most top ATV pros including Shane