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Fox has distanced itself from the
competition again by offering, the
TRACKER, a full featured boot at an
outstanding value. The Tracker
incorportes more performance and
comfort features than any other boot
in its price range. The Tracker comes
in Black only.

The new T-20 doesn't just give you
more... It gives you more for less.
Quite simply, the T-20 is the finest
entry-level boot we've ever offered.
From the durable leather outer to the
injection molded shin panel, we didn't
cut any corners. Italian quality and
craftsmanship is evident in every
component of this boot. So, if you're
looking for a boot with more, why not
try one for less. The T-20 boot comes
in Black only.

The kid's T-10 is a great boot at a
comfortable price. This Italian made
boot is ideal for the entry-level rider
that needs more coverage and
support that recreational boots or
shoes offer. With excellent durability
and a comfortable fit, the T-10 is a
great first boot. The T-10 boot comes
in Black only

Our finest kid's boot. The kid's Le-2
Boot is handcrafted in Italy and built
to last. Features include an injection
molded shin panel for increased
comfort and protection, and a fully
adjustable positive-lock 3 buckle
closure system for maximum support
and a superior fit. The molded plastic
inner ankle and toe-shift panels
provide durability and increased
lateral suport. Uni-directional Skywalk
sole with a steel toe deflection plate
completes the package. The Le-2
boot comes in Black only

Take a look at the top riders out there
and you'll see the Tech-8 is the
favorite. Full grain leather construction
with a "Y" structure that ties the shin
and rear plates together with the side
plastic and extends to cover the toe
area. The inside shin and top feature
an "Air Fit" bladder that allows less
and lighter plastic combined with
non-stretching yet pliable
injection-molded microadjustable
nylon straps for strenth and easy
adjusting. A 270 degree injected cap
with a stamped steel center section
covers the heel.

The Tech-6 is a departure from the
traditional motocross boot with an
ergonomic "sports shoe" flexible lower
and an ergonomic protective upper.
Designed with large flexible areas all
around the foot, with injected nylon
suports to enclose and give suport
while allowing unprecedented
flexibility. The new patented "Uni-flex"
external suport wraps around the
ankle area and pivots into the loxer
buckle support to complement the
"Alpinestars Ankle-brace". Out of the
box, the Tech-6 is ready to race,
requiring very little break-in-time.

Oneal Element Boots

Unbeatable value and protection is what the all-new Element boot is all about Features 100% durable leather
construction, fully adjustable four buckles closure system and tough unit-directional sole Full tension speed locking lace system, generous heel support and padding for added comfort, dense inner leg padded protection and topped off with a multi colored Thermal Weld shin and ankle plate
Available in men's U.S. full sizes 6-13


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